This week new co-host Alex Coleman heads out to New York City to participate in the inaugural  Rag Dolls Camps. While she was there Alex grabbed the opportunity to conduct a round “mat” discussion with Rag Doll Camps coaches / instructors / mentors: Dominyka Obelenyte, Vedha Toscano, and Callie Brennan as well as Mackenzie Fingerhut, camp photographer and training partner extraordinaire. Alex proposes a series of questions to these well established coaches / competitors specifically, the difference in coaching men and women, issues facing women’s Jiu Jitsu, why men should cry, and also the recent accomplishments in women’s BJJ. The episode closes with a short discussion about the mission of Rag Doll Camps as well as the future goals for this wonderful endeavor.

In Episode 22 we introduce our show’s new co-host Alex Coleman.  Alex has been on the podcast multiple times, and I highly recommend that you check our episodes 7 and 15 and hear her background and numerous accomplishments.  In this episode Alex turns the tables, grabs the mics, and interviews me! We discuss the idea behind the website / podcast, where the concept originated, and the meaning behind the Work Play Obsession logo design. It is our first step towards expanding the scope of the show and producing more content for our listeners.

Hope you enjoy.

In this episode I travel to Abmar Barbosa’s academy in Vienna, Virginia for a Women’s Only Competition Sparring Session. I was fortunate to sit down with multiple participants to discuss the art of Jiu Jitsu from the woman’s perspective. We talk competition, reasons to start training, and the ways and reasons why female can still excel in a male dominated sport.