Proud to announce our participation in the upcoming Movement for Mental Health event on 26 June in observance of National PTSD Awareness Day on 27 June.

The fundraiser, hosted by FitOps Foundation involves a 22 mile run to symbolize the 22 lives lost daily to suicide. The aim is to build a community of mental health advocates who actively raise awareness to veteran and active-duty military PTSD and suicide. All proceeds generated during the event will go towards supporting FitOps foundation programming and mission; to improve the physical and mental health of veterans by creating purpose and community through the power of fitness.

The event is focused on movement in any capacity. Run, bike, walk, HIIT etc. The run can be conducted as a team, individual, or in a relay form. This year we opted for the relay format and will determine leg lengths based upon the number of running volunteers who step forward.

This year we are also fortunate to have the support of Global Networks Inc. who has offered the use of their space for pre and post run events; socializing, food, and drinks. The social portion of the event will be free and open to all of our veterans, law enforcement, first responders, family members, and care givers.

Follow our social media pages or here for updates as we get closer to the event.

Donations currently being accepted. Our team link can be found below.

Team All In MOVEment for Mental Health | Mightycause

Excited to announced that we just launched a new podcast under the Escape Velocity banner.

The Escape Velocity podcast will be hosted on and is available on Spotify. The podcast will focus on mindset, motivation, and habits that help you maintain upward trajectory toward attaining your own personal escape velocity.

Episode 1 is all about journaling and how a consistent journaling practice can improve clarity and focus increasing your chances to achieve flow.

-Flow follows focus-

Check it, let us know what you think!

I am currently 11 months out from retirement and of course the number 1 question I get asked is “What are you going to do next?”

Interestingly, I think most people don’t really care what I’m going to do, they just want to internally compare my decision to what they are doing. Remember, every time that you succeed, it destroys someone else’s excuse. (And most people only ask questions because they have a preloaded response to whatever you have to say.)

There are also the folks who want to give you their opinion on what they THINK  you should be doing regardless of what you want to do. (See above, they weren’t really listening anyway) “So and so is doing this and they are making this much money, its such a great job for you too, you would be perfect.” “Why would you do that? That’s dumb, you’ll never make money.” I’m talking about those people.

I’m sure that anyone who has gone through career transition has experienced one or both of those scenarios. These situations are so common and tend to lead to such crippling psychological effects that Dr. Michael Gervais has begun to call the human reaction to this “FOPO” or Fear of Other People’s Opinion.

FOPO is paralyzing and has led many people into accepting unfulfilling jobs and to grinding out years of regret over what could have been. These are often the same people who “live for the weekend” or exclaim “Thank God it’s Friday.”  If you are living for Friday or exhaling on hump-day it may be time to address the fear that is holding you back from where you’re truly meant to be.

There will always be fear associated with trying something new. Don’t allow fear to hold you down. Embrace fear and use it as the fuel to ignite your passion. Take a good look at your circle of friends and determine which ones truly support you and where you need to make changes. Remember that sometimes its easier to cut away weight than to add fuel.

Escape Velocity is fueled with-in