Escape Velocity Peak Performance Coaching


Escape Velocity is fueled with-In.

Intrinsic motivation, Intelligence and life long learning, Interpersonal relationships, Investing in ourselves so we have the capacity to invest in others, Inspiration – breathwork and learning how to take control over our internal systems and response to stress. 

Our coaching programs are built on 4 pillars:

Evoke your intrinsic motivation for change

Elicit your right goals

Develop a precise, accurate plan of action

Facilitate goal achievement

Elicitation of Insight and Self Actualization – A focus on harmonious passions; activities that we adore and feel pleased both throughout the activities and once we have completed them. Harmonious passion is shown to increase resilience and improve overall happiness, health, and wellness. 

Curiosity – Passion – Purpose – Autonomy – Mastery – Trained in the neuroscience of Flow our peak performance coaches use Motivational Interviewing and Narrative Coaching modalities to help you explore your curiosities and identify your passion. We assist you to identify your individual strengths, define your massively transformative purpose and set clearly defined goals.

Clarity – Confidence – Comfort – We developed trust and serve as accountability partners motivating our clients to take action, pursue their goals, and become the person that they want to be.

Transition – Leaving the military can be one of the most difficult times for service members. Anxiety and fear of an unknown future often lead to stress and depression. Our peak performance coaches will help you transition down the first mountain while setting conditions for a successful ascent of the second mountain.

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