Recorded during a UFC 205 fight party this weeks episode is packed with discussions and interviews with active grapplers who discuss why they train, what they look for in a gym / gym culture, and what they do when they are not on the mats. Really insightful discussion on why people start training and what drives them to continue training.

In Episode 3 I interview Ground Control Columbia Academy’s JP Ferreira. We discuss his start in martial arts, his approach to competition, and his advice for staying the course. This episode is the first in our sponsored athlete series covering local area athletes who are sponsored by major business such as Breakpoint and ONNIT.

Episode 2 of Work Play Obsession, Life and Jiu Jitsu Podcast. This week’s episode is a flashback to an earlier set of interviews with Baltimore Martial Arts brown belt Bruno Cesar and Evolve Academy black belt Ken Brown.