Father, husband, soldier, Jiu Jitsu junkie, amateur photographer.

In episode 8 I discuss the winter break or for some the most wonderful time of the year. This two – three week period usually includes some type of holiday party with belt promotions and is probably the best time to train at open mats due to many academies closing shop. I also discuss / try to understand the down period or the time around Christmas when people let off the throttle and rest on their laurels some never to return to the mats with the same tenacity. Finally, I make a call to the listeners to see what you want to hear on upcoming episodes.

In episode 7 I interview Lanky Fight Gear sponsored athlete Alex Coleman. We discuss Jiu Jitsu from a woman’s perspective, why Jiu Jitsu is great for women, and the reason why she began to instruct a women’s only Jiu Jitsu class . We also discuss her personal approach to BJJ competition, what it took for her to become an IBJJF champion, and how important coaches are to competition success.

Guest Matt Larsen is a Black Belt Magazine Hall of Famer and creator of the Modern Army Combatives Program. Join us as we discuss his start in martial arts and Jiu Jitsu as it relates to self defense and physical protection. If you have friends or family that are military, LEO, or first repsonders this is a one podcast that they don’t want to miss.