Why We Compete Episode I

Episode I of the Why We Compete series recorded at Standard BJJ in Rockville MD. Big thank you to Gregg Souders for extending the invitation. In this episode I sit down with several people competing in the upcoming IBJJF DC Open on 7-8 April. We discuss various themes related to competition as well as their individual approach to Jiu Jitsu training. It’s interesting to note the common theme of the desire to the effectiveness of the art as motivation to compete for all of the people on the show.

As a bonus I invited Lanky Fight Gear sponsored athlete Alex Coleman to close the show out. She  brings us an update (but no chocolate) on her worldwide tour of training and competition.

Please excuse some of the sounds quality, we recorded on the spot, in between rounds, in order to limit the amount of time off of the mats for the competitors. I’ll admit, the volume is a bit off and there is a bit of heavy breathing (guilty). Its the first time back, we’ll fix it.

I hope you enjoy this episode. Until the next time, KEEP GRINDING

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